Kikicat123's Ultimate Puzzle Game List (pat. pending)

What is this?

This is a list of puzzle games I've played, and my thoughts on them. I'll try to keep it updated, but I'm lazy, and often forgetful, so no promises.
If I've missed any games, contact me on Discord (kikicat123) or email me at kiki (at) (this domain). I'll add them to the list.

These puzzle games all have a few things in common:
a) They are all pretty hard, but very rewarding. I'd encourage you to not look things up while playing.
b) They are (almost) all on steam. I prefer to use steam for games, but i've made exceptions for some games.
c) They have all passed my worth-it metric: For every Canadian Dollar spent, I've gotten at least 1 hour of entertainment.
Prices listed are as of April 2023. I have probably accidentally included a sale price, If I have let me know.
Thanks to Melon for creating some JS to ping the Steam API for prices! Fallbacks may still be sale prices.
Prices are automatically converted to current prices using the Steam API, hover over the price to see the original price as of August 2023.

The list: (in no particular order)